"Dinner and Drinks" With Greg Pallone: Spectrum News 13

I have to start off this blog post by repeating to myself "Spectrum News 13, Spectrum News 13, Spectrum News 13" because that's how I started off the podcast episode and I already know I got the name wrong. So for that, I'm sorry Greg and I'm sorry Spectrum News 13 (threw that in one more time to remember).

Our 24 hour news source in Central Florida, you know it, with 'Weather On The 1's' and more local coverage to all counties at all times. Spectrum News 13 also leads the area in space coverage, and leading that coverage is Brevard County resident Greg Pallone. For over 10 years, Greg has been in front of the camera and the leading anchor of launch coverage. From his early Central Florida days covering the Shuttle program, to now seeing the privatization of space with companies like SpaceX and Blue Origins. Greg also does rocket coverage for the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station...basically, if a rocket is going to space and its launching here, Greg Pallone has a mic, a camera, and all the info (he can legally tell us) to take us to "Lift Off!"

Greg's story starts in Georgia but how he got to Brevard is an awesome tail. From following the the footsteps of a Central Florida news legend, to being the lead reporter for all Spectrum in America during Hurricane Florence, Greg's story is a great one. He's a phenomenal reporter, a truly great person, and he's now started a hilarious (and real) Twitter page that you need to follow!

Episode 7 of "Dinner and Drinks" featuring Greg Pallone:

Let's talk food now! Holy crap did Todd and Ole Fire Grill do this one big! So, yeah you can get their Gringo Taco's and that's a great way to start your experience at Ole. However, soon it's time to step your taco game up! And that's what they did here...

What you see below is their "Ole Fire Tacos". Usually it's their grilled chicken but for this occasion Todd blasted in some steak for us! It's smothered sautéed onions and peppers, jalapeños and sriracha ranchero sauce. And the tortilla's are lightly crisped. These tacos, I'm dreaming about them right now as I type. And what's that lovely little bowl to the side? Todd introduced us to their newest creation "Street Corn"! It's sweet corn cut off the cob and put in their Ole bowl, and it was covered in cheese and on the side a fresh lime wedge. I squeezed that lime all over that bowl and I was in heaven.

For our drink we had a very refreshing Pineapple and Mango margarita, and after just one of them (I think they spilled extra tequila in there) I was in heaven!

As always, we start each episode with their queso fundido, which is their house queso but with a surprise at the bottom...CHORIZO!!!! 

Gotta give Greg and his wife Katie a very big shout out to end this episode. They invited many friends to come out and be a part of this episode, and that meant the world to me! These two are amazing humans and I'm so happy I know them and can call them friends. Greg's reporting is something I brag about to many people, not just in Brevard, but to friends around the country. And seriously, go follow his new Twitter account. It's true life, it's real people, and it's REALLY hilarious to hear the crazy ish that goes on around Brevard County!

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