"Dinner and Drinks" With Lauri Duda From "The Viera Company"

Viera. We've all been to the Avenue's. We remember watching the National's play at Space Coast Stadium. And we've all sat either along Stadium Parkway for "Light Up Viera" or been on Wickham Road during a Chic-Fil-A traffic jam. But where did it all start?

When I first came to Brevard to visit my grandparents, Viera was just two things. The aforementioned Space Coast Stadium and the court house. Back in the 1980's there really wasn't much to Viera, heck there wasn't much to I 95 and Wickham Road then. So when I found out a member of the Duda family was also a part of The Viera Company, I literally jumped up and down and told me people "I have to talk to her! I want to know many things about Viera!"

And I had a brief understanding of the Duda family, their ranch, and that they purchased the land many many years ago. What I didn't know, want I wanted to know, and what I found out...is that Viera isn't even CLOSE to being fully done yet. And what's more? Viera's laid the foundation to show other potential townships and communities in not just Brevard, but the state, how it's done right!

So we sat with Lauri Duda, the Vice President of Marketing for The Viera Company, at Ole Fire Grill, and she told me her family's story and more. Lauri is a wonderful human and seriously, she became my instant best friend! She's funny, she's knowledgeable about the community, her heart does beat for those in Viera, and he's a laugh riot to be around. I hope you enjoy hearing this episode, because I had a blast learning the Duda story, learning the Viera story, and learning about where our youngest community is headed for in the future:

If you ever get a chance to hang out with Lauri Duda, definitely do it! No matter what's going on around you, no matter who else is there, Lauri treats you like you're all that matters and she's a great conversation! It also was great food we had for this episode...so first thing we always have is our Queso Fundido and our margarita's! This week's margarita was a strawberry lime and it was whooooooo! so good! Refreshing, cool, crisp, and seriously I craved it again yesterday. Something new we're offering each episode is a "Dinner and Drinks" menu specially made for those joining our guests on the podcast. So to highlight that, we ordered 6 of the Gringo's Tacos from the menu with chicken, beef, and pork! What I wasn't expecting was the second coarse that came our with which was a Margarita Mahi and Margarita Shrimp plate over a bed of rice...I was so busy with the conversation (and the margarita's I forgot to take a picture of it...sorry Todd!)

I learned a lot on this episode and eagerly await the opening of the Diverging Diamond ramp to Viera Boulevard and I 95 (opening this year), always love hosting the "Light Up Viera" parade every November, and this summer hoping my nephews come down to take part in a USSSA game at the Space Coast Stadium. I do know though, I'll be up in Viera tonight picking up some of my favorite beer at Total Wine at The Avenue's, because they are the only place here in Brevard that carry's it!

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