Anyone Know How This Bear Got It's Belly Button?

An Internet conspiracy theory is afoot!

After the "Polar Vortex" laid cold and snow and ice on much of North America this week, some found a way to have fun in the cold. From launching boiling water into the air and turning it instantly to steam, to this story out of Montreal, Canada of a "Snow Bear" outline in the snow.

On a lake in Montreal, people noticed this cute bear that had been drawn...except one important question became very clear. With foot prints making the outline, and no footprints going to, or coming from, the belly did this "Snow Bear" get it's belly button?

The story became an vague obsession for the CBC reporter who covered the story, Kate McKenna:

As of today, due to more snowfall, the "Snow Bear" is gone. R.I.P. snowy buddy. R.I.P.

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