These Skittles Are "Naked"

Skittles have tried many things in the past to get you to remember they fun fruity flavored candy. They went and made sour flavors and tropical flavors. They have original flavors and "wild berry". They even went has far as making a limited edition 'All White' Skittles where you didn't know the flavor you were about to eat...but all that, was too much clothing (they had an outer shell) for the candy maker.

Introducing "Skittles Chewy", or as they are also known as "Naked Skittles":

They are the same flavors as the original ones...except again, they are naked.

And we haven't found a negative review yet, because again...they are the regular Skittles but with no candy shell

If you find any "Naked Skittles" around town, let me know...we can make some wacky YouTube review video and tell the people's about it!

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