These Grandpa's Try Weed For The First Time, On Camera!

Weed in America. In 2019, states have legalized it. We've found medical purposes for it. And the stigma of marijuana has seemed to shifted towards trying to decriminalize it on a federal level. Personally, I wish it would be decriminalized. I wish it was legal. And I wish we could find more medical purposes for the drug to help those in pain find symptom relief and increased appetite.

All that being said, nothing about weed is better than the following video. 3 grandfathers, who've never smoked weed, smoked a bong, and joint, and a vape pen thing with THC for the first time.

You'll quickly see that Graham is your favorite grandpa and that Robert and Marvin can handle their weed like champs!

I kinda wanna do a video similar to this.

One video of Wingnut smoking weed, one video of Wingnut drinking champagne, and one video of Wingnut doing shots and maybe do a comparison to see how I act? Or maybe its just an excuse to do all 3?

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