"Dinner and Drinks" With John and David Alpizar, The Alpizar Law Firm

A few years ago, just before the Thanksgiving holiday, two men walked into my studio to record a commercial. Now, this isn't uncommon considering the majority of my day-to-day job is actually recording commercials. Yeah, that's my main job...not just talking on your radio. So anyway, these two guys walk in and I realize, for a large portion of my life in Brevard County I've seen these guys on the TV! I've seen their advertisements but never had the chance to meet them. And you know that feeling when you see someone from the TV and the first thing you say out of your mouth is "Hey I've seen you on TV!", yeah I did that.

So John and David Alpizar were in my studio to record a commercial about their "Turkey Giveaway" that was in it's infancy. They were expecting just a few hundred people (which is still a HUGE number of turkey's) and they were just trying to help get the word out to a little more people. Well, it worked...now their Turkey Giveaway in 2018 the fell just a few hundred turkeys short of 1,000!

What also makes the team at Alpizar law a really cool story is the one I learned while recording this episode. The father, John Alpizar, is first generation American and his son David is born and bred Brevard County (we both even went to Satellite High).

Let's sit down with the Alpizar's and find out their "Brevard County Story":

Now the food. Because, OH. MY. GOD!

Todd, the owner of Ole, really took it to a new level...check out those pics below from IG! Now, come back up here and read what I have to say about my salmon that you saw. On each corner was drops of sriracha and I would cut that salmon off dip it in that and get some rice and I'm telling you I think I had my own "When Harry Met Sally Moment"...you need to have what I was having. John and David, along with David's wife Rebecca, had a sirloin steak on the Ole Rice as well.

As for the drinks, whoooooo we had an off menu item called the "Chili Dilly" which was refreshing and I'd have again!

As we mentioned in the episode, the team at Alpizar Law has the Turkey Giveaway at their offices off Palm Bay Road just before the Thanksgiving holiday, and last year the firm gave away 700+ turkeys to families all around Brevard. Check out this great Facebook video they put together from the event!

As well, we mentioned the Children's Home Society, a non-profit that helps at-risk children lay the foundation for a successful life as well has help raise money to education and more. With their fund-raising dueling piano fundraiser coming up in April, check out how you can help on their website! Or even better!!! Go to the actual event's Facebook page, that has some amazing details for you to check out!\

I really admire the work the Alpizar Law firm is doing around Brevard and how they've expanded their firm to include David's brother and now a new member to the team as well. They are hard working, they give back to Brevard, and they've been in the community for over 35 years. They've watched our little community grow and they've grown with it. I truly thank them for coming on and having Dinner and Drinks with me.

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