"Dinner and Drinks" With Steve Sharkey of the Marine Resource Council

From Titusville down to Sebastian, our Indian River Lagoon runs the length of Brevard County. Many of us drive past the waters every day. Some drive over the lagoon. And each and every one of us has heard the cry for help, when it comes to saving the Indian River Lagoon. Throughout the calendar year, the river goes through algae blooms or fish kill-offs that end up polluting our air and cause wildlife to diminish.

Growing up on the water here in Brevard, the lagoon holds a special place in my heart. From boating next to Annie the Dragon at Dragon Point, to once having dolphins follow us from the Inlet, the health of the lagoon is a vital part of the health of Brevard County. I am in no way a specialist in Marine Biology nor how to help save the lagoon. So we sat down with Steve Sharkey, who is with the Marine Resource Council, and he told us the health of the lagoon. Along with other facts as to how we got to this tipping point of the lagoon, how the MRC was founded, and honestly what we can do to save the lagoon.

It's kinda scary to think about how MRC has been trying to tell us since the 1980's that the health of the river is in the decline. How many of us have spent summer days boating, jet-skiing, wakeboarding, or even fishing in the lagoon. All while the water, for decades has been filled with sewage run-off, pesticides, and other garbage.

Anything we do can have a direct impact to the health of the IRL, so be mindful in what chemicals you use, that you through down a drain, that you treat your lawn with. Because when we get those Florida rain storms, it all goes washing down and perhaps into the river.

A big thank you for Todd and the crew at Ole Fire Grill for putting together a special "Dinner and Drinks" menu! Each episode we will have a special menu for our guests and their friends to choose from! This week, we got the best of the best! In my opinion, the Gringo's Taco's are next to perfection! Steve and I both had 3 tacos with chicken, beef, and pork! Get that sour cream on the side and you won't regret it at all! Also, in honor of the MRC, we had the "Margarita's for Mangroves" winning drink, the Blood Orange Margarita!

It was really awesome sharing information with Steve, settling down some rumors we have heard about the lagoon, and I learned something really cool in this episode. And below in our Facebook teaser video you can learn too, how the wind along the lagoon is actually what causes the waters to circulate. I had no idea, but when you think about it...it all makes sense. On a really windy day, drive by the lagoon and you'll see the chop hitting the shore and you'll realize just how awesome nature is!

And as I learned from Steve, the MRC is actually trying to educate along with preserve the lagoon and the water we use. Just recently, they held an event which they "gave away" these 55-gallon barrels to collect rain run-off to water your lawns. For a donation, you could then get a barrel to use at your home. A truly great cause and amazing idea!

Not to be 'alarmist' or anything, but we have to come together as a community to save our lagoon. It provides a vital service to us with wildlife and pure beauty. Like Steve said in the episode, property values could decrease if the health of the lagoon isn't reversed. And that means people move away. Business close. Life would never be the same here in the county we all live in.

And memories like mine, like yours, like those of future generations won't have the lagoon to love like we did.

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