Want To Find A Sugar Daddy? So Do A Lot Of Students At UCF!

I didn't go to college. After high school, I found radio and fell in love with it. My college courses happened in life. I took "Clubbing 101", "Hangovers AP", and "Intro to Sleeping In". I'm also fairly positive they teach those at the University level as well...except it's like $3,000 a credit hour...it just cost me about a $50 tip.

So look, it's no secret that college in America is expensive...but some students are turning to a different kind of scholarship to help pay for their tuition. They are turning to a "Sugar Daddy".

Never heard of it? A "Sugar Daddy" is a rich man who's willing to spend lots of money on a woman. And vice versa for a "Sugar Momma" (I've been on the hunt for one since I was 12 years old!) HOLLA!

Guess who's holding down the #2 spot for college's looking for "Sugar Daddy's"? None other than our very own University of Central Florida!

CHARGE ON! And get that monnnnnnnneeeeeeeeyyyyyyy!

And seriously...who runs the world? Soon every woman at UCF. YOU GET YOURS! And my yours, I mean that education paid forrrrrrrr

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