The MOST Outrageously Expensive Things at Walt Disney World!

I don't hide my love for the Walt Disney World parks. I love going. I love Epcot. I love meeting Mickey. I love all things Disney. But, even after a full year of holding a Platinum Level annual pass (to which I've lowered to a Silver Pass for 2019), I can honestly say I've had the internal conversation of "Do I REALLY need that?!" when going to the parks.

But for the sake of argument, what if we wanted the most magical day and had no budget and were allowed to go do everything we've ever wanted? That's what this video is all about:

So let's do some quick maths;

  • We stay at the BEST bungalow at the Polynesian resort: $5,000.
  • Then grab dinner at "Victoria and Alberts" (for two): $500
  • And don't forget the wine...the best one there: $13,000
  • Let's grab that Swarovski Crystal gift card: $300
  • Cruise the Seven Seas Lagoon for 3 hours?: $400 per hour = $1,200
  • Go on the "World Of Dreams" Tour: $12,000
  • And finally let's get married and shut down the Magic Kingdom: $150,000

Sooooooo after all that, what's the total (not including our Annual Pass?)

$182,000 (roughly) to be the biggest ballers to ever ball so hard at the Walt Disney World Resorts and Parks.

I don't have that kind of money though, so this is just a dream...until Cinderella gets me the hook up.

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