Viral "Wow" Dancer, I Think He's Made It!

So it all started with an Instagram post.

It's been documented that Mike Alancourt of Jacksonville loves to dance. It's his release. It brings him joy. But, pretty sure that Mike didn't think it'd make him viral!

Earlier in March, Mike reposted the pretty awesomely shot dance video from "1Vibe", a dance studio in Jacksonville. This is the original video with the boss moves from Mike and 1Vibe dancers too:

So....pretty awesome content. And it just goes banana's! Yes, "Wow" is a catchy song, but to see the moves all on point...the video has racked up almost 175,000 views on Instagram alone! And on Facebook was shared by Will Smith and then Post Malone himself!

And when celebs share your stuff, other celebs catch Ellen, who we all know loves to dance!

So there it is! At the end of the video Post invites Mike out to his show in Arizona! So Mike, travels from Jacksonville to LA, then from LA to Arizona...and he's probably thinking "Oh cool I'll go back stage we'll dance for a sec and then I'll see the show."


Little did Mike probably know, they're making the music video for "Wow", as Post travels the world and the video ends on Mike's dance moves.

Such a cool story. Is it cheesy to say "Congratulations"? (See what I did there)

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