"Dinner and Drinks" With Mike Lowe From Lite Rock 99-3

Long time Brevard County residents know that only a few things have been here our entire lives. Here's a quick list:

  • Rocket launches...they happen all the time
  • Wickham Road traffic is the worst
  • And Mike Lowe on your radio

Those 3 things have held true (well maybe not Wickham Road) since Mike Lowe moved here many years ago.

Here's what I knew about Mike before recording this episode, he's a die-hard Gators fan, he's worked about basically every radio station in Brevard (and even a few that aren't around anymore), and every conversation with Mike never has a dull moment.

When I first got into our radio station back in 2005, I was introduced to Mike and it was like meeting a celebrity. I've listened to him even before we moved here, as Mike was a morning show host for a different radio station. And now here I was meeting him for the first time.

His story started as his family moved here to be a part of the early NASA days and our first steps into space. As a kid growing up in Merritt Island, Mike witnessed the Apollo program take us to the moon and witnessed true American history. But Mike's story doesn't stop at that. He got into radio at a very early age and did broadcasts for Eastern Florida State (Brevard Community College at the time) and then worked at numerous radio stations around Brevard and Central Florida. Eventually, in 2003, ending up at his current station, Lite Rock 99-3 as the Program Director and morning show co-host.

Without a doubt, Mike Lowe IS a Brevard County staple. You know his voice and now we learned his story. Some good, some great, and some utterly terrifying (like saying bad words on the radio!). Many thanks to Mike Lowe for joining me on our latest episode!

Now on to the food!

We have a special menu for the podcast and off the menu on this episode, Mike had the quesadilla which is always on point and perfect to order for a quick lunch or a snack while having some drinks. And I had the nachos and a side of a taco (go figure right?). Plus to start, they made us this special apple salsa with cinnamon sugar chips. I'd like to make a request to Todd, the owner, that this be around MORE OFTEN because yeah that was like a dessert but we got to have our dessert first! For margarita's, I hadn't had the Pineapple Margarita in a loooooong time so to keep the fruit theme going when we started, we ordered that...and it was amazing!

So the next time you're at work (they are the 'Official At-Work Station), or getting some dental work done...keep on the Lite and hang out with Mike Lowe! Just like my radio station, you can hear them on the FREE iHeartRadio app, or just click the button below!

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