"Dinner and Drinks" With Holly Wesche of Wesche Jewelers

Located on the edge of Suntree and Viera, Wesche Jewelers building is one you've probably passed by numerous times on Wickham Road. The very gorgeous, and very articulately designed building definitely stands out among other buildings in the area. And for many years, I've known Holly as a client of ours on the radio station. Just about every month or so, Holly comes into my studio and we record her commercials and we chat about what's currently happening in each others lives.

Through the years, I've heard about Holly's son growing up, Holly's been there to hear my stories about what's going in my life; from relationships to my family, and I consider Holly a really good friend. However, I've not known her story. And to add more, how did her business start? So a few months ago I asked if Holly would come and join the podcast to talk about how Wesche Jewelers got their start.

Longtime residents in Brevard might remember that they've had a store on Wickham Road (close by BCC) but even before then, they had numerous locations around Central Brevard. And what I really took away from this episode is that Holly and I went to Satellite! I had no idea!

Plus, if you're reading this and thinking about buying any jewelry, Holly walks me through the buying process and what really matters when buying a diamond!

Holly and I have said many times, that just because the building is big it doesn't mean it just has like REALLY expensive stuff. That isn't meant as a bad sentence, however if you're in the market for a nice and inexpensive bracelet, they've got it! The whole staff there is seriously knowledgeable and they can help you find the right piece for you!

Now let's talk food for a second! Ole really is the perfect place to bring anyone for a dinner too...I mean look we tried 2 new margarita's that I've not had before like the "Tequila Avion" and the "Tequila Fresca", both are perfect for a happy hour drink (or go on Monday when it's Margarita Monday!). To top off this really awesome episode we ordered the deep fried cheesecake and yeah I'm dreaming about them right now! A hot pocket of awesome is the best way to describe it! Plus, at the end of your meal do what Holly and I did, go get some really Instagram-able pics in the giant chair out in front!

A really big thanks to Holly and her mom and friends for coming out to the podcast and telling us her story. From beachside to 192, down Wickham Road and now in Suntree/Viera, Wesche Jewelers has been a part of our community for many years. Helping with the Brevard Women's Center, Brevard Zoo, and many other events inside the store, my highest of praises to them for all they do. So seriously, if you're looking for any kind of jewelry, head to the store on Wickham Road...ask for Holly! I know she's at work and she'd love to help you out!

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