"Dinner and Drinks" With Robert Johnston of Adlumin

Robert Johnston now lives just outside of the Washington DC area. He's newly married and runs a very successful cyber-security business. By all accounts, Robert is beginning a very lucrative career and his life is normal to many of ours. Except one really big thing...Robert is the guy who first found out that Russia not only hacked into the Democratic National Committee but they also hacked our 2016 elections. To make matters even worse, Robert and his company Adlumin, are finding out that Russia isn't stopping. In fact, the Russians and their cyber departments are still actively trying to attack the US through cyber warfare. This isn't to alarm you into fear, Robert is in fact still trying to protect this country in the same way he protected this country as a United States Marine.

Let's go back a few years, before this "Russia Thing", before the Marine Corp, Robert Johnston lived right here in Brevard. In fact, Robert and I went to high school together at Satellite High. We graduated the same year, in 2003. We were both a part of the Satellite High wrestling team. At the time, we were a part of the greatest wrestling team Satellite ever had. Our senior year, we went undefeated in the Cape Coast Conference beating all Brevard High School teams in Duel Meets.

Robert comes from a military family, where both parents were Marines. So protecting this country is in his blood. But Robert isn't out for blood. He's by all accounts a gentle man, even more so by all terms a gentlemen. He's soft spoken. He's elaborate with his words. And in this special episode of "Dinner and Drinks", Robert took time out of his trip back to Brevard to sit down with me and explain in detail exactly what Russia did. Exactly how they did it. And exactly what he's warned the US government that they are still doing. All the details by his account are open to public records. And all the information he shared with me, and information he's shared with major news organizations is public knowledge.

At the time of sharing this story with you, the "Mueller Report" has been released (some parts blacked out for security) to the public. Many parts of the report detail about how our President may have done some unsavory things with the Russian government, and this podcast episode will NOT go into that part of the story. However, parts of the Mueller Report to dive into exactly what is Robert's area of expertise, the hacking of our countries institutions that we hold dear.

News organizations have agendas. News organizations have political leanings. I am not a news organization. I, like you, am a citizen of this country and I wanted to know the facts behind how and why this happened. And are we doing anything to stop it? Robert has the answers. So without further delay, here's the story of the solider (yes, a solider. And a damn fine one) who is doing his best to make sure our country stays free. That our everyday lives aren't held in jeopardy by foreign nations. And that the news we read or see on the Internet isn't what we call "Fake News":


These are indeed some very frightening times. And when it comes to news stories or profiles you might follow on the Internet, the truth matters. Social media platforms must be on the side of truth and erase any 'fake news' content that is shared through accounts. Because fake stories that are created by a foreign government can, as we've seen, influence what we as citizens believe based on what we read.

I was truly lucky to sit down with Robert as he explained the accounts and steps in which Russia mettle'd and influenced our 2016 elections. Our right to vote is one we hold dear in this country and to not hold those guilty parties responsible does make us weaker as a country. It is really reassuring to know that people like Robert are doing everything they can to help keep us safe.

Now, onto our meal. Ole Fire Grill brought out the burrito's the night we recorded this and also let us try their two types of sangria that night. I'm a sucker for sangria and if you take a happy hour trip to Ole, put a happy smile on your face by ordering a huge burrito and a lovely glass of sangria!


It's also a part of pride to see Robert on the national stage, sharing with the American public his story. He's not doing this for fame. He's not doing it for acclaim. He's doing it to keep us informed. To hold power accountable. And to ensure our elections are fair, are secure, and don't have misinformation spread through our electorate.

These are just some of the clips of Robert on MSNBC sharing what he's uncovered.


Keep up the good work Robert, a grateful nation stands by your side and appreciates everything you've done for this country in the Marine Corp and now in the private sector with our nations cyber security!



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