Bill Mick and Jorge Medina of WMMB

This episode I knew was going to be fun. I've personally known Bill Mick since I first started in radio as I was just a little intern and he was a loud voice in the halls. Working for a radio station that had Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and carried football games on the weekends. And Jorge Medina and I have many ties in our lives together. From us both attending Satellite High, we both came up within the iHeart Melbourne building at the same time. And we both used to do many club gigs around Brevard for much of the mid to late 2000's.

But time has passed. Bill moved to California for a while and Jorge has been happily married and has two amazing young women he's raising with his wife Tanya.

And in this current political climate with a President that's always in the news. Polarizing national topics like gun control and more, my heart wanted to take a turn on the podcast and find out exactly what it is they do on a daily basis. Do these national topics take over the local issues like city council members? What about local environmental issues? How much do locals call in and talk about these issues? That's what I wanted to get to and we definitely got into many local issues like a Palm Bay City Councilor who is now in some hot water over conspiracy's and bribery!!! And yeah, I even bring up Trump...but only once.

I think the biggest and coolest take-away from this episode was this. Many times I've tried to talk politics with many of my life long friends here in town. And many times it always leads to arguments and even one time a friend tried to kick me out of his house due to our difference opinions. But with Bill at the table, even though we disagree on lots of things, Bill kept it civil. He kept it professional. And we both had a great time.

My biggest wish is that more people could share a meal, have a drink and still be friends at the end of it all. I'm lucky to have these two as co-workers, and even luckier to have them as friends filled with so much talent!

As always, the food at Ole always hits the spot and we ordered so many great things...however what's sticking out to me the most is that Blue Margarita...holy yum yum yum! That's on their margarita menu and it's a MUST ORDER!

If you want to keep your ear on the pulse of local issues that affect our community. If you want to make sure someone is holding our elected officials to task. And if you want to be informed about what is happening here in Brevard then turn to WMMB on our iHeartRadio app or get up early with Bill and Jorge, weekdays from 6am to 9am.

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