Become A Space Tourist! Starting Right Here On The Space Coast

Every time NASA or SpaceX announces that they are accepting applications for civilians to become astronauts, I apply. And every time they reject me. I guess they don't need DJ's in space? Even though Olga's Cantina at Galaxy's Edge tells me otherwise...

So it's just been announced that this company "Space Adventures" is now offering people to be 'Space Tourists' aboard a SpaceX crewed mission in Low Earth Orbit. Here's a brief run-down of what you can expect, via Space Adventures YouTube video.

  • Missions begin in late 2021
  • You'll be in space for 5 days
  • Training happens in the US (but not on the Space Coast?)

Also, and this is the important part, Space Adventures has not released the cost of your trip to space.

So what is "Low Earth Orbit"?

For those that are unaware, low earth orbit is basically what the International Space Station does. It's where every Space Shuttle mission occurred, and with the exception of the moon landings, it's where all of our manned space missions have happened. Low earth orbit is considered to be between 435 miles to 1,056 miles above the surface of earth. Here in Brevard, we're no more than 10 feet above sea you're going really really REALLY far up!