"Dinner and Drinks" with Timmy Vee

So, I've been doing this radio thing for 15 years. And that seems like a long time, until you meet my guest tonight. Timmy Vee did a morning show here in Brevard starting back in the early 1990's, unfortunately it was against my station as a competitor. But for a brief time, I actually did work with Timmy back before I started here at iHeartRadio.

We talk about all that and of course how he learned about Brevard County, on our latest "Dinner and Drinks" at 28 North Gastropub:

This was Timmy's first experience with a gastropub and his first look at 28 North Gastropub. To begin with, he didn't know what to expect but by the time he received his first drink and appetizer he loved it all, as will you!

Holy cow the food on this episode was bonkers! Starting off with Timmy's drink that had edible flowers to our appetizers of Mac and Cheese and poutine!!! Timmy didn't know what poutine was, and if you don't it's fries with cheese curds and gravy! For the main course, Timmy ordered the risotto (his first experience with it) and I had their chicken wings...AND THEY WERE SPICY! #Yummy.

There's so many great things at and about 28 North and I think you should totally try everything ASAP!

I wanna thank Timmy for coming out and having his first 28 North experience. As we said in the episode, I've known Timmy for over 15 years now and to learn his Brevard County Story. He's obviously got many great stories and I know that if you just ask him to tell you one of them, he's going to entertain you for a while!

Many thanks to 28 North Gastropub, our server Natalie. And thanks to The Viera Company for sponsoring our show.