"Dinner and Drinks" With Jennifer Mobley, Re/Max Agent

Throughout the history of Brevard County, two things have been known.

1) People move here because of their work, a majority of the time. It started back when NASA was first formed. Went through the Shuttle Program. And now with the privatization of space flight and government contracts, more people are moving to the Space Coast.

2) It also helps that we have 72 miles of Atlantic Coast property that makes people want to move here to be "Living In Paradise".

So who's helping all these Soon-To-Be Brevard County residents? Realtors! Realtors like Jennifer Mobley, who reached out to me months ago and wanted to tell me all about who's coming to Brevard. Where they're moving to. And, if you're trying to sell, just how easy (and how much money you can make) selling your home is!

Jennifer and her team of amazing people had a blast at this episode, and on behalf of her, Mikayleigh Ryan, and Jennifer Kline, we all had a BLAST up at Pizza Gallery and Grill for this episode. We'll get into that in a second, but if you want to take a look back to other episodes, make sure to check out all our "Brevard County Stories" on the FREE iHeartRadio app below!

Ohhhhhh myyyyyyyy goodness...it's time to talk about Pizza Gallery and Grill. Our first episode here but not my first PGG experience! I've had dates here. I've had family meals here. I've even just came up and had garlic knots and a beer for one. But now it's podcast time, which means apps and drinks and pizza! Kinda.

Take a look at all we had from our drinks filled with rum, then one with gin, then a key lime dessert martini and even a peach sangria! Then the food....yessss calamari or my buffalo chicken calzone. And then Jennifer got a new menu item...friends...allow me to show you the "Chicken and Waffle" flatbread!!!

Thanks again to Jennifer and her team of Mikayleigh and Jennifer for coming out to Pizza Gallery and having a great night out getting to know each other! I'd also like to thank our host Pizza Gallery and Grill along with our server (and future superstar) Ali for a great night. With a special acknowledgement to our sponsor, The Viera Company.

Now, given everything that is happening with the Coronavirus we unfortunately have to put a halt on our podcast for the foreseeable future. We will not be interviewing any guests until May at the earliest due to social distancing and the limitations of groups in public. And that may seem like I'm complaining, however I am not. In fact, I'd like to instead suggest we all go up to either Pizza Gallery and Grill or 28 North Gastropub and buy a gift card that we can use once all the COVID-19 news clears out and we can go back to some form of normalcy. Right now, if you go up to Pizza Gallery and Grill and purchase a $50 gift card, they will give you $10 in a gift card free! And if you spend $100? Guess what! $20 back to you! I strongly encourage us all to do this. The virus is taking lives. It's interrupting work and school. Don't let it take our small businesses.

If you want to know more, go to Pizza Gallery's website HERE or call them at 321-633-0397