My Favorite "Dinner and Drinks": At-Home Video(s), So Far

What started back in March in my kitchen has now grown to a weekly video where I come up with a food to make. Attempt to "pair it" with a drink (more often than not, I'm just popping a bottle of champagne), and then we hang out for an hour in my kitchen on my Facebook page (@: WingnutFM)

Full disclosure, I pride myself on being a good "Home Chef". I think my food is good. And for the limited amount of humans I've cooked for, they seem to like it too. But as time has gone on, I'm starting to become a little more daring in the food I make.

Here's the thing, I won't post EVERY video we've done so far...but I will start this off with the first video...our genesis creation.

"The Buffalo Bacon Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme". If anything ever needed to be on a Taco Bell menu...this is the item they need to sell!

Ooooh yeah I remember the next one!

So I try to keep a theme with each video. And for this one, we went up to New England! One this episode, lobster rolls with Sam Adams Boston Lager

Now, on this one...instead of going in the kitchen...I fired up the grill, put you on my back patio and we made steak! But not just some boring steak...nope. Steak with Oscar Topping and beer from a great local brewery called "Hell N Blazes"! Asparagus fans, you'll dig this one too!

The next 3 are our most recent videos, spanning over the last 3 weekends.

The order goes:

  • Beer soaked, bacon Mac-and-Cheese topped hot dogs with beer cheese bacon fries
  • Orange duck with champagne (I broke the whole duck down myself and did a bunch of cool things with it)
  • Bucatini Carbonara (I've never had it, I've never made it, and runny eggs scare me. This was the best thing I've ever made!

A Magical Hot Dog Experience:

A "Ducking" Good Time:

I did this one for Giada, so say it like her "BOO-KA-TEENI CAR-BON-RRRRRRRRR-AHHHHH"

We'll have more "Dinner and Drinks" At-Home Edition each weekend, Saturday's at 7pm on my Facebook follow now!

And hopefully soon, we'll be back to our real home of "Dinner and Drinks" at either 28 North Gastropub or Pizza Gallery and Grill at the Avenue Viera.