You're First Time Hang Gliding...And You Aren't Buckled In???

YouTube is my favorite channel. I know it's not a "Channel", but of all the content I watch on a daily basis...I watch more videos on YouTube than every other platform combined. And usually, the content I'm watching are cooking videos, Jelle's Marble Runs, or something about something from the Kansas City Chiefs.

But today, on my "Recommended For You" from YouTube this "Swiss Mishap" popped up...and the title/thumbnail/description were spot on.

A guy, his glider pilot, and the hang glider itself are about to take off high about a Swiss village...what could go wrong?

A broken arm, steel plate and pins, and a torn bicep...or falling hundreds of feet (OR METERS) to his certain death. For real, the 2+ minutes he was hanging on to the handle were the most suspenseful 2+ minutes of my life in 2021! And probably the most for that man's entire life!