"Dinner and Drinks": Lobster Mac and Cheese

As kids, we all had the same midday summer lunch of Mac and Cheese. Then in college, it was melty Velveeta with shells...but as adults, how can we still have Mac and Cheese and not have it cheap? One word, two syllables...LOB-STAH!!!

Decadence....that's the theme for this "Dinner and Drinks". Lobster Mac and Cheese (3-cheese BTW) and we added in some friends to the party too!

Let me introduce you to "Guanciale", which to me is better bacon! It's not the belly meat like normal bacon is. It's called here Pork Jowl.

Now...if Lobster in your Mac and Cheese isn't bougie enough, how about adding champagne to your gin...or gin to your champagne? A few fun steps to make what will be your new obsession...plus, "Saber Saturday's" were in full effect!

I've also saved the saber video as a GIF on my phone...and will be using it regularly to everyone!

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