A "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" Appreciation Post

Days away from work are much needed. Even with a cell phone in my hand, I didn't answer a single email/text/call. I couldn't one hand was taking pictures all over Hogwarts while my other hand was filled with Wizard's Brew!

There's no mistaking my love for the Central Florida theme parks! Whenever I have the opportunity to head over, I GO! And last week away from the office I was lucky enough to have my sister and her family join me as we all went "Back To School"!

We're all massive Harry Potter fans and each of us had our wands ready to do some magic!

Of course, you gotta start your day off outside of Gringotts to grab some cash and say hello to what I now learned was a "Ukrainian Ironbelly Dragon"! And over the course of the day, I took 3 different SloMo's of just how awesome the dragon is!

We're all familiar with the "Walls of Disney" or even some of the photogenic walls at Diagon Alley...however I wanted to give some love to the sign's of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! They all photograph so well!

But now I'm back at work...back to reality...but (and I never thought I'd say this as an adult) I just wanna go back to school at Hogwarts!

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