Photo: Getty Images

Miley Cyrus' Bangerz Tour has kicked off and according to On Air listener Dom, who attended the show in Tacoma, Washington, it's a life changing experience.

Miley definitely knows how to make and entrance! Dom tells us: "Her screen opens up, it's a big picture of her face and she has this huge tongue that crawls out of it and she slides down it."

In addition to sliding down a giant tongue, "She jumps on a hotdog and it flies around. There are a bunch of crazy animals. She's got crazy outfits. Everything is really, really, really colorful. It's just insane."

He adds: "There's balloons everywhere and towards the end there are a bunch of fireworks. She shoots off confetti everywhere. When she's doing 'Love Money Party' there's money that shoots out everywhere with Miley's face on it."

Dom admits when he was was leaving he definitely teared up, "it was such a life changing experience."

To hear all the details listen to Dom's full review of the show below!