Photo: Getty Images

By Sierra Marquina

YouTube sensation Bethany Mota phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about her rise to fame.

The 18-year-old explains that she originally started her “vlog” about five years ago after being bullied by her friends at school.

“I was 13 when I first started my YouTube Channel … and I was really bored … so that was kind of my outlet to expressing my creativity … Another big reason why I started my YouTube channel was I was being bullied at the time and it was by people I was actually really close to and I lost so many of my friends for me doing nothing wrong, so I felt really alone at the time, so it resulted to YouTube and I had actually always wanted to make videos.”

But she wasn’t always confident to reveal her crazy self. “In the beginning, if you watch my first video which i definitely do not recommend … I was very quiet and wasn’t nearly as out there as I am now and with time I realized I don’t have to hold everything in.”

Another thing it took time for Bethany to tackle was her style, which she now reflects in her own clothing line for Aeropostale.

“In the beginning, [my style] wasn’t that great, I’m not going to lie,” she admits. “I feel like with time my style has improved. When you’re 13, you’re still trying to figure out your style.”

Check out Bethany’s YouTube channel here!