"Dinner and Drinks" with Nick Sanzone, Environmental Programs Coordinator

I'm just letting you know right now. On this episode, I kinda get on my "Green" soapbox. LOL!

Now, that being said, as an EV driver I constantly look at my charging station map to see if there are more than just 16 charging stations in Central Brevard. A while ago, I noticed a few new stations over in Satellite Beach so I got in my car and zoomed up A1A to see that at the Satellite Beach City Hall, and at Pelican Beach there are charging stations! I got sooooo excited and at a previous episode at Pappagallo's I ran into my buddy Nick Sanzone, who told me even more about what the City of Satellite Beach is up to, which made me realize I needed to learn more and let Nick tell me what's happening in my old stomping grounds.

As you will hear in the episode, I went to Satellite High and graduated with Nick and at one time the both of us even worked at Pappagallo's together. But as we've grown up, Nick has taken the road of environmental change and awareness. From having seminars, to doing workshops, and helping spread the word on reducing the use of plastics, Nick is starting to spread the word to this beachside community about how we can reuse items. How we can reduce our pollutants. And how moving forward we can reverse the damage we've done to our environment.

And trust me I know, talking about going green. Talking about driving electric vehicles. And even bringing up climate change CAN be a hot topic, one that upsets people. So in this episode, I acknowledge how 'on my soapbox' I'm being but try to listen to what Nick is saying as he is someone on the front line trying to change the world for the better.

With a wealth of knowledge and the heart to not get bogged down in the same arguments, Nick is staying grounded and even with low numbers now at seminars, his work is important. His work is changing the world. And I only hope that the community can come together to really change not just Satellite Beach, but Brevard County too as a hole. They are laying the foundation and blueprint that other cities and towns can follow.

This episode was also exciting for another reason and that is FOOD IS NOW SERVED AT HELL N BLAZES!!! If you've been there before you know how on point their craft beers are. And now, with burgers to pulled pork (that's what we had) to appetizers the full menu at Hell N Blazes is just as great as their craft beer! The brewmaster, Todd, is really putting in great work to pump out great beer (pun intended).

What I also learned about Hell N Blazes is the history in their building. It's been in Downtown Melbourne dating back to the late 1800's. At one time a hardware store, a television station, and until recently was also the all year Christmas store. The history of their building is also documented on one of their walls as you walk back into their game room. I highly recommend taking an Uber down to Hell N Blazes, go watch a college football game on a Saturday and fall in love with Downtown Melbourne's best craft brew without a doubt!

As always, an amazing shout out to Melbourne Mainstreet and our friend Akili for having Hell N Blazes be a host for this episode. The moment she emailed me that they were going to host this episode I literally replied to her email with "YESSSSSSSSS!"

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